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Joyce Debuts CD at Bishops


For years performing artist, Kevin Joyce has been playing music and writing songs, since about the age of 6, to be precise. 

This month, the release of his first solo CD, “Say It, is in some ways a culmination of that effort.  The CD release party will be at 9 p.m. Friday, June 9, at Bishops Café and Lounge.  In addition to Joyce, it will feature other performers and surprises.

What prompted this prolific performing artist to come out with his first solo album at the age of 42?  Joyce says it was “a build up of songs that needed to find their way out.” For years, friends, colleagues, and family have been urging him to make an album.  He continues, “I didn’t want to get to the end of my  life and feel like I never did that critical piece of creating.” 

The music on his album is in range of styles from alternative country to rock and rhythm and blues.  He says there are “ballads with a retro feel”.  His inspirations? His
family of course, “my girls” he says affectionately of his wife and daughter, “and the creative muse when it comes.”

“I like to explore in humor and in beauty the shadow content of life—or the harder challenges that we have to face.”  This album is about that. 

Say It also hosts a whole list of stellar musicians who collaborated with Joyce.  Among these are people like Francine Reed, who sings with Lyle Lovett, Stu Hamm, one of the world’s greatest bass players, Hans Teuber, a Seattle horns genius who tours with Ani DiFranco, and Vashon’s own Eyvind Kang who plays viola and currently works all over the world with Bill Frisell. 

Joyce said that it was working with these musicians that really blew him away.  “Having these folks walk into the studio and tear into the songs gave me a whole new appreciation for genius!  I’m so grateful for their work.” Joyce says.

In an even bigger step, Kevin and his wife Martha Enson produced the album themselves with their newest venture: EnJoy Productions. 

So the album provides both a debut for the solo artist’s music making, as well as a showcase of one of the many things EnJoy Productions does. 

Having already done his time touring as a performing artist, Joyce doesn’t intend to market his CD in the traditional way with the circuit of coffee shop and bar gigs. 

He will use the more modern technology of the internet as well as the good old fashion tool of word of mouth. 

CDs can be purchased at the release party or at www.Kevin-Joyce.com and eventually at Vashon Island Music.  More information on events, performances, or trainings by EnJoy Productions can be found at www.en-joyproductions.com

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