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Freya’s Offering


We expected the bear

Thought he would come for the apples

Who came was the lion

For the fluffy lady cat


He came for the cat who was inside

Who clawed her way out to him

Not to be denied her wildness

Not to be contained

She made an offering of her life

And a sacrifice of my heart


In one swift stroke the deal was done

The two that were once separate- merged

She becoming a part of his body

They a part the mountains themselves


I don’t know what she was thinking

I have no idea why suddenly on that day she chose

But I know she wouldn’t be denied


She got up from her comfortably sprawled position

And calmly walked me to the door

Solidifying a secret pact within herself

She would find her own way out


My heart heard her, and I went back to check the door

So later, after I was gone, and couldn’t stop her

She went through the screen instead


Perhaps she felt a little guilty for not listening to me

For not heeding my warnings

For the pain she saw me suffering the next morning in the bathtub

Crying my eyes out for the fluffy and stately fur ball

Whose heart beat to the tune of my own


But she made peace with it

And so did I

A tangible offering of myself to the wild

To the place that can’t be tamed

For the wild spirit in myself

That knows no boundaries


That loves to be free

As she now is

Free as the wind

Back with the one

A grand and precious offering to the mountains

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