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Those Words

Rich and luxurious words echo through my being before I am even aware of them.

Gazing at the one I have only just met but know so well,

as if eons ago were yesterday.

The words rise to the surface of my consciousness

Spilling over and over

they become loud crystal clear bells

Ringing in my mind-

”I Love You. I Love You. I Love You.”


We haven’t even made love-

and yet they sing as if they had been echoing there forever,

but only now in Our presence rise to the surface,

ringing in clear, audible and undeniably tones-

“I Love You. I Know You. I Love You. I Know You.

Here we are together again at last, at long last.”


They sing over time

until life’s circumstances make them again

barely audible-


below cries of anguish.


Cries of anguish and clouds of protection

make their voices so low,

as to not be tempted by them,


“i love you. i love you. i love you.”


Until I can only feel that they are there-

I cannot hear the distinctive song

That rose to the surface so clearly in the powerful presence of Our togetherness.


Muddled by time and space,

uncertainties, and projections,

by life’s unclear trajectories,

and false fears.


False fears that lead you away from the ones that you love

And claim in no uncertain terms that this loving will be your downfall-

this person will hold you back,

this situation will take you away from the freedom you crave…


Until all I can hear is the whisper left in my own heartbeat

The one that resides with each thump

reminding me only

of the loud certainty that

those words were true.

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