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10 Reasons I Love You Honey OR A Short and Incomplete Synopsis of Why I Agreed to Marry You and Have Your Babies

  1. Wagon Ride with DadYou’re extremely competent.  Although you hide it behind a complete lack of attention to personal detailing/ baggy t-shirts, you are one of the most talented and competent people I know.
  1. Your hair.  Well, I had to write that, because other people always talk about it.  But I have to admit—your personal grooming of it, which consists of running your fingers through it as you drive down the road, and throwing the chunks of knots out the window, never ceases to amuse me.  Especially when people ask you in all earnestness about how you maintain it.
  1. Having fun is a serious priority for you.  I know some people might see this as immature, but I feel truly fortunate that you are committed to enjoying your life, and so glad that I’m along for the ride.
  1. You are extremely good at coming up with fun games—especially for our children.  I think the salad spinner is still my favorite but seeing you and our toddler run at each other down the hallway and then you leap over him at the last minute pretty much always brings me joy!
  1. You don’t mind changing diapers.  The fact that you do is something not all dad’s share in common with you.  The fact that you talk about poop so much is not an attribute that many people (fathers or no) share in common with you either.  I’m not so keen on the poop chat, but I let it go because the rest of you is so great.  When I recently walked in on you giving a detailed account of our son’s poop to a friend of ours who doesn’t even have kids, I knew that other people forgive this in you too for the same reason.
  1. You say pretty much whatever you think.  The basic thing I appreciate about this is that you are thoroughly authentic.  You don’t censor to please others.  You are always you.  The second thing I love about this is that it makes me laugh!  So much!  I know eventually it might embarrass our kids (but then so will anything we do) but I for one feel certain that your surprising, outlandish, brilliant, and seemingly accidentally witty comments are still going to be making me lose it, even beyond our children’s teenage years!
  1. You’re a great dancer, at least for me.  I appreciate that you enjoy making up moves on the kitchen floor or bedroom carpet almost as much as I enjoy laughing at them!
  1. You don’t complain.  I don’t consider myself a big complainer.  Like you, I’m usually apt to look at the bright side.  That being said, if things aren’t going smoothly for me, I’m still likely to at least mention it out loud.  You on the other hand, shoulder the same workload as I do or more, and yet, I rarely hear you complain about it.  Although I don’t mention this every day (perhaps for fear of pointing out all of the things that you would have cause to complain about…wink wink) I am extremely aware of it.  Thank you honey for moving through the challenging and the easy parts of our life without making a big fuss.  And thank you for allowing me to bitch when I need to.
  1. You are very romantic.  Almost every card you’ve ever given me has made me cry (in a good way).  And I appreciate that you still leave me surprise notes around our house as inspiration arises.  Eye heart you too!
  1. You’re a fantastic dad.  Your extremely present and available and not only do you sing our son to sleep every night with made up songs about him even though you can’t hold a note, you can also shampoo a toddlers hair without having them cry.  I can’t do that.  I couldn’t have known you would be such a wonderful father before we had our kiddos, but I must say, I had a pretty good guess!

Thank you honey, for everything.

I love you so much for all this and MORE!

Happy Father’s Day!

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