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Sequim Washington. It doesn’t suck.

En route home from our weekend adventure a friend asked us, “Where did you guys go?”  When, out of our car window we replied, “Sequim.”  (Pronounced skwim.) He looked mystified and said, “Sequim?  That place sucks.”

I can see why he thought that.  Truth be told the town itself does feel like a giant retirement community, with (I’m sorry if you’re retired) but all of the aging un-freshness that that implies.  Apparently it has won numerous awards as a great place to retire and has even been written up in the New York Times in an article called, “A Sunny Spot Amid the Clouds.”  That’s because it’s in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains and is therefore considered a desert, in the middle of rain forests.  It’s known for it’s lavender, and it’s Spit!  Which is why we went.

20130908-200312.jpgFor us, the trip was heaven.  We stayed in a hotel with a pool.  Which was a big hit with our son.  The first night we munched on the pasta salad and garden treats we had packed.  Apples, cucumbers, etc., the bounty right now is incredible.  The second night we went out to dinner at this GREAT Thai restaurant called Sawadee, which I highly recommend frequenting if you ever find yourself in Sequim. 

The town feature and of course reason for going was the Dungeness Spit.  The longest natural sand spit in the United States.  We started our adventure in style with a pre-Spit popcorn and hot cocoa cook-off in the parking lot— thanks to my husband— who knows how to do things in style.

20130908-200856.jpgThe beach was totally socked in.  20130914-115501.jpgSo our voyage included that walking through clouds experience that I only ever experience in the Pacific Northwest.  It didn’t matter much to us though, since our son is content to play in the sand wherever he is, and our daughter is too small to care.  So we cozied up in a place between two giant driftwood logs to munch our popcorn and enjoy the scenery.  While our son Xylus amused himself with sticks and sand, our little girl napped on her papa, and my husband and I made up word games to keep ourselves amused.  “Add to the story with a phrase but you must use one word that rhymes with a word from the previous person’s phrase.” Or when that got too boring and the story too disjointed to hold our interest, “You must use three rhyming words together in a phrase and it has to make sense.”

“At the Spit, he bit his popcorn, without throwing a fit.”

“Looking at the yellow flower, made him feel like a mellow fellow.”  (See below.)

Here’s a walk through our weekend adventure in pics.


















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