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Ode to a girlfriend and her closet: Producers of once in a lifetime memories and costumes galore.

I wish I had a pic of her in her sassy Spider Woman dress.  Alas, I don't.  But this was her clever concoction the year she was pregnant with her daughter.  The pumpkin IS her belly--painted.
I wish I had a pic of her in her sassy Spider Woman dress. Alas, I don’t. But this is Cathy in her clever concoction the year she was pregnant with her daughter. The pumpkin IS her belly painted.

Every year on the day of Halloween I think to myself, “Shit.  I suppose I’ve got to have a costume.”  I admit I am sadly lacking in motivation for creative disguise.  It’s not that I don’t like seeing people in costume, or even getting dressed up myself.  But as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that in order to make it truly fun for me—I need to sit on the shoulders of— or at least be in the same room with someone more naturally talented and inspired in this arena.  Enter my girlfriend Cathy.  And her closet.

Let me just say that Cathy’s closet has saved me on countless occasions—and not just at this time of year.  I got one of the best compliments I’ve ever received in my life while I was wearing something from her collection.  It was the kind of dress and experience that a lady does not forget.  It was a backless navy velvet floor length gown and it was lovely. And the compliment was, “That dress is devastating,” (said by a handsome man.)  Sigh.

However, unless our paths cannot cross and I am forced to wear my witch hat, every year on this day of Halloween it is Cathy and her closet that makes my day.

This year as my husband was busy sewing (yes, sewing) part of his costume I started trying to think of mine.  Thanks to my friend Cathy and a few texts I went to bed on October 30th thinking that at least I had a decent chance of coming up with something.

These are the kind of texts I can exchange with her late on the evening before Halloween.  These are the kinds of things her closet can produce at a moment’s notice.

Me: “Do you have a blue wig?”

C: “Yes.  I have a good quality one and a thrasher one.  When do you want to come by and get them?”

Then a few hours later when I discovered that I must have finally got rid of the red dress I was going to cut up and repurpose for this occasion.

Me: “Do I remember right that you have a poofy red netted skirt?  I’m looking for anything red really.”

When I wake up in the morning I see her response.  Just in the nick of time again!

C: “I’ll put the skirt and all things red out with the wigs.”

Me: “Oh you are the best!  If it wasn’t for you I might be naked every year.  I love you!”

C: “What’s wrong with naked?  Guaranteed to be the only one in that costume uptown.”

True.  It may not be original, but I definitely wouldn’t have any competition in terms of look-alikes.

Maybe next year…. But probably not.

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