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Get your bonnet—it’s Turkey Day!

It’s getting to be that time of year again. That one day a year where we are thankful.  Just kidding.

Do you remember those little paper bonnets and Indian (now called Native American) headbands with paper feathers that you made and donned in elementary school? Our family still wears those.

Just kidding again.

I do love this holiday. As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to appreciate it more and more simply because it is a day dedicated to thankfulness. I love that.

Three things I’ll be thankful for this Turkey Day.

1. My cousin and her husband moved to town last year from Europe. If you’ve seen some of my other posts on cousins—you know how much I love them. I feel so excited to be spending the day with a gaggle of family (because of course she’s attracted her brother and sisters, her mother and one of our aunts) without even getting on a plane. As we live on an island and they on the mainland, we might even make it a sleepover so we can indulge at the table till our hearts delight, and then waddle around in the same place for the rest of the night without having to get back in the car and on the boat. Then, do it all over again with breakfast the next morning.

Tiny team members playing together this morning.

2. This will be our first Thanksgiving with our famille complete—meaning all of our children (2 in total) have been born. And we got one of each! Such a treat. From the beginning my husband and I knew we were on what I called the “2 and done” program regarding child making. Last year I was burgeoning with child—this year I am happy knowing the job(s) have been done. We are finally all here.  Yeah team!

3. Knitting. I’m so thankful for knitting. I’ve been getting it out en masse this year. I always feel the call at this time of year when the weather turns cool and the doors are kept shut—and this year I dove right in. It’s also one craft (of which there are currently few) that I can do with my kids present. I have a project for when I need to have one eye on something else too— an easy straight knitting shawl for yours truly. And a few gifts in progress, which depending on who is in the room, I can work on sporadically. In other words, a project for all occasions. LOVE!

Share the love. Don’t be shy. Tell me, tell me, what are you thankful for?

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