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Make a Tiny Bright Spot in Someone’s Day with this Creative Endeavor

One thing I absolutely love doing is making and sending fun mail to people.Image

It’s such a surprise to get something in your snail mailbox these days—and who, just who doesn’t love a poem in the mail?

One year I actually sold subscriptions for inspirational mail.  I think I raised $600 extra holiday dollars that December.  Here is a link to a stand-up comedy skit I did in which I mentioned it my father’s response to what I thought was my brilliant plan.  Needless to say, he did not share my opinion.

I’m not making any promises to myself.  But this year, I thought it would be fun to pick out one person each month— a relative, or perhaps a girlfriend I don’t get to see to often, or even one I do see- and send them a month of mail.  Surprise!  It could be their birthday month (which I’ve done in the past) or it could just be totally random.

What this means to me is about 4 or 5 pieces of mail per person.  Like what I did when I created Project Inspiration (my inspirational mail program)—I would sit down and create all the mail at the same time.  I have the envelopes all stamped and ready to go.  Then at different times throughout the month I mail it.  Randomly, and without notice the chosen recipient gets fun things in their mailbox.  You know, funny pictures, an inspirational quote, a collage, a great card, a drawing, a memory or a description of a fun time we had together…

Just a tiny bright spot in someone’s day.  And one that is so fun to make.


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