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Birthday Parrrrrtay!


“You know your birthday was last Tuesday!” my husband said to me jokingly as we were gearing up for my party.

“This is my birthday week,” I responded.  “Correction, this is my birthday month!”

“You don’t see me wandering around making months out of my birthdays.” he replied.

“That’s not my problem.” I said.

Later that night, when we got to my party my husband’s best friend said to us– “Usually, I make my birthdays a week.  When I turned 40, I made it a month!”

“Thank you!” I responded shooting my husband an elated and self-satisfied smile!

As previously mentioned, I turned 40 this month!  I’ve been celebrating (even if only with myself) all month.  I spent my birthday day at the spa (without my kids of course)! Later in the month I scheduled a massage (that my husband gifted me) and redeemed a gift certificate for a facial.  I’ve been enjoying a house full of flowers and great new poetry books– also gifts.  And I’ve been imagining a new duvet cover I’m going to make with my new fabric store gift certificate!  But the highlight, of course, was my birthday party.  It was the best I’ve had in 40 years!  Hosted by some fabulous friends and made special by them and a handful of others (not even to mention the guests!)– for me the party was epic.  In the name of continuing the enjoyment and pleasure it gave me, I’m reminiscing about it in this post.  It keeps the happiness going.  I hope it will satisfy you too.

Quick Party Plan Synopsis: Ever year on my birthday I ask friends to bring a poem they love to share with everyone.  This year guests were asked to bring either a poem to share, or if they wished, a story about me to share.  That was the beginning of the evening: Mingling, finger-food snacking, drinks (a friend of mine played bar tender), and then at some point the poetry share/roast started.  At 10pm the DJ started spinning.  The whole week leading up to my party I had the wail, that goes “PARRRRRTAYYY” in my head.  Think Beastie Boys– You’ve got to fight for your right to party.  Not by request, but apparently by divine design, the first song the DJ spun that night was indeed that song.  Needless to say, I was kicking up my boots on the dance floor ASAP!  Oh– the other fun highlight was a surprise “‘Stache station” made and erected by a friend of mine: Easel, mirror, furry fabric, scissors and double-sided tape.  Brilliant!  (See the last photo!)

Decorating! Done by host and friend extraordinaire Tami!
Balloons in front of a lamp. All her (Tami’s) idea, again. At party time the lights changed color… and so did the balloons!
Easily over 100 flowers filled the space! Ahhhh love!
Dancing time!
Okay… yum!
Gorgeous cake (gluten free) and T-A-S-T-Y! Made by another friend and wonderful baker Christal! Photo: Candice Bertram
After the dancing began– a friend set up a “Make your own ‘stache'” station. A mirror on an easel, double sided tape, scissors, and some furry cloth. Here is me enjoying the fruits with my cousin Glory.

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