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Fresh fish: One great thing about living on an island.

One great thing about living on an island is that there are fishermen (and women presumably).  This is about a mile from my house.



I’ve lived in the middle of the country.  I know that when that is the case, salmon is a treat for you, and there is no way it is fresh.  In fact it’s flown thousands of miles in freezers to get to you.  That’s why I know what a special thing this is (pictured).

From time to time, when the season is right, we also have the great good fortune of having friends drop off a fresh salmon filet at our house.  They were out fishing in the morning, caught plenty, and are happy to share.  We do not take this for granted.  We’re grateful every time.  And sometimes, so is our cat. (See below.)
20140513-211539.jpgThanks Puget Sound.  Thanks ocean.  Thanks salmon.  Thanks wildlife biologists and people who make sure that the salmon have a safe and happy home to return to every year.  We are grateful to participate in the gorgeous cycles and feel the bountifulness of the salty waters on our tongues.

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