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NOURISH kitchen sign: DIY with watercolor pencils and fabric

IMG_5459I love making gifts.  Here’s one I made for a girlfriend of mine. watercolor pencils

For the image I used watercolor pencils— which I love because you can draw fine lines.  And honestly I don’t know anything about watercolor technique.  So these let me be precise, and get the nice color.

After I’ve penciled it and gone over it with a water brush to fill in the color, I use a black Sharpie to darken the lines and keep it defined.

I cut strips of cloth. In this case I also knew that I envisioned this work for my girlfriend’s kitchen, so I made sure I knew the color of her kitchen walls (yellow) and chose my fabric colors accordingly.  I used the zig-zag stitch on the brown fabric pieces with another color thread (yellow) for more color and contrast.

Then I glued the whole image on the wood and then glued the individual color fabric strips on as well. I used wood– because my husband is a carpenter and can produce me one to my measurements in a flash.  But a store bought canvas would also work.  Then, presto.  (Well it does take time!)  But the result: something fun.  Something lovely.  From one heart to another. IMG_5457

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