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Happiness in a cup: 4 stellar ways to make divine hot chocolate

Hot Cocoa Divine
Hot Cocoa Divine

I’m a hot chocolate connoisseur.  Sometimes I think hot chocolate will probably be mentioned at my funeral that’s how much I love it, drink it, and am associated with it.  When my sisters drink hot cocoa they send me text messages saying, “Thinking of you” or some such thing.  I’m not sure they can drink hot chocolate without thinking of me honestly.

That’s because I drink it every morning.  It’s like my coffee.  And sometimes I drink it at other times of the day too, you know, the way some people have their lattes.

Throughout the years, primarily instigated by my husband, who is always, “we could make that ourselves,” in the kitchen department, I’ve discovered my own perfect recipe.  The kitchen is not my forté, but when it comes to hot chocolate I’m so glad I followed his lead and mastered this hot cocoa concoction.

Personally, I think hot cocoa makes happiness.  I had to give up sugar completely during my pregnancies and more than anything, I was so sad about my hot cocoa!  When my mid-wife said, you know you can make it without sugar I was like, “Why would anyone do that? ” Chocolate and sugar are married.  That’s a match made in heaven that I am not breaking up.

So here’s the basic divine recipe and suggestions for four additional flavor boosts.

Basic Hot Cocoa Divine:

Fill the mug you are using 3/4 full with your milk of choice.  I use unsweetened almond.  Add water to top off the mug.  Pour the contents of the mug into a sauce pan.

These measurements are for a regular sized mug.  IMG_8770

Add approximately one heaping teaspoon of cocoa powder

Add approximately one teaspoon of sugar (I use raw unrefined.)

Add 1.5 squares of Trader Joe’s (or the equivalent) thick dark chocolate squares.

Heat, until just before boil.

Whisk contents together.  I mean that– use a whisk.  You want to make sure you’re getting all the melted chocolate stirred right into your milk.  Whisk vigorously!  You don’t want to waste a single drop of that melted goodness.

Pour it all back into your mug.  (It fits perfectly!) And smile as you sip.

Or add these variations.

After you’ve poured it back in the cup

IMG_87751.  Add a dash of vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon.

2. Add a dash of almond extract.

3. Or my newest favorite, add a grind of salt crystals.  (I use the Himalayan ones from Trader Joe’s– because obviously, I shop there.)

4. Or for a cozy evening treat, add a swig or two of peppermint schnapps.

And of course you can mutate these and mix and match.  For example, I often do #1 and #3 together.

I hope this makes you as happy as it does me.

With love,



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