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Paris, je t’aime. My inspirational places.

With recent terrible happenings in Paris it seemed appropriate to spend some time giving it a little love.  I’m doing that in the best way I know how, by posting about the goodness of the city and the things that inspired me while on my recent trip there.  I hope it will inspire you as well– to think good thoughts of this beautiful city and to send your positive vibes and prayers toward all who were traumatized there today.  I love you Paris. You were so good to me. I’m wishing healing for all beings, and a speedy return to your flamboyant, romantic, ancient, steadfast self…

There are so many things I could say about my trip to Paris one post could hardly do it justice.  Still, in line with my blog which is “tools and (true) stories for inspired intuitive living” I decided to keep it to just two (three counting this one on being scared) posts on my most inspirational moments/practices while there.  At the end of this post though, I’ll give links to some of the Facebook posts I did on my personal page along the way.  If you’re wanting more after this, you can look there.

Musée des Arts Décoratifs… When I was there the exhibit was called “Sand and Fire”, which is a fancy way of saying “Glass.” Honestly I couldn’t believe a few of the things that caught my eye.  glass clock Musee des Arts Decoratifs aimee cartier blogLike this astounding glass clock.  I stared at it for ages.  The original artist is unknown, but it was so divine I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

Also, these miniature scenes that were 400 years old, all made of tiny tiny pieces of glass.  I don’t know enough about glass to even understand how they were made (and the picture doesn’t begin to do them justice) but I felt awed by the time and care that went into each one of these scenes. Incredible.IMG_1030 IMG_1032

There were gorgeous glasses, and a whole table set with porcelain food (this is me taking a picture in front of it).  This I thought this was funny more than anything.  The table and the crystal chandelier were all encased in a giant  floor to ceiling glass case which prompted the housewife in me to think immediately, “It can’t be that these things are never dusted.  How does that work?”  aimee cartier blog ParisI actually sought out one of the museum employees to ask her about it.  She confirmed, yes it gets dusted, with a special paint brush type thing, by the same person every time, on Mondays when the museum is closed. 🙂 I knew there was dust!

Notre Dame… I don’t know why but I love this church.  It’s just so bold and unique.  My favorite was having lunch right next to it before going in.  The lunch was mediocre, but the scenery was inspiring.  I also lit a candle for my friend Andy while inside.  I sent him the video via text and his response was the last text I ever received from him.  🙂 I love you Andy!IMG_1213

IMG_1252Notre Dame Aimee Cartier Blog 












Street signs… I was totally into street signs this time.  Undoubtedly because of the creative/artistic journey I was on while there.  (I’ll dish on this in another post.)  Here are a few of my favorites signs though.

Paris Montmartre sign Aimee Cartier blog
The best part about this pic to me is just as I was taking this the three people here burst out in huge laughter at something they were talking about. I always remember the moment as I’m looking at this pic!
This means, “Objects that speak.” Not pictured is the huge basket of antlers sitting just outside the shop. 🙂

Paris street sign Aimee Cartier blog IMG_1196

Fleurs. Of course. Aimee Cartier blog

Antoine et Lily… Clothing store.  Most (if not all) made in France.  Lovely bright and vibrant colors.  I bought a perfect wool sweater and took a photo of a dress I didn’t buy!  It’s my keepsake!  I also got my children glasses from their home decor store– so every day I have a memory of Antoine et Lily even while answering demands, “Mom, please I have some rice milk?” as my daughter likes to say.

Antoine et Lily Paris Aimee Cartier blog

Cour Carrée… It’s the part of the Louvre palace.  It’s  just yards away (and through an arch) from where everyone takes their photos of the glass pyramid. It means “Square Court” and it is just that.  Something about it made me feel, through and through, the ancientness of this city and what has gone on there.  I felt like I could sit in there forever, and that I probably have, in another time, in another dress.  I watched giant clouds move over the square, meandering onward.  Sometimes in places the weather is the biggest thing there is.  You feel it’s power and it’s presence.  Standing in Cour Carrée the weather (no matter how giant the clouds) seemed just a tiny thing passing over the statues that have watched hundreds of years roll by.  Statues that have seen civilization change.  They’ve seen hoop skirts, corsets, top hats, wigs, and now jeans and cell phones.  They are not phased.  They just watch.  Clouds that come and go? A trifle almost not worth noticing.  Compared to the ageless wisdom of Paris, “le temps” seemed hardly worth commenting on.

Cour Carree Aimee Cartier blog



Cour Carree panorama
Cour Carree panorama

Here, I had one of those exquisite moments where time stood still, like I talk about in my book. It was beautiful.  Describing it would make it less than it was somehow, so I’m just going to oooh and ahhh over the street lights which I loved too.magic lights aimee cartier blog

Paris at night via La Siene…  I took one of those giant tourist boats that you can get right next to the Eiffel Tower.  I did it at night, when the moon was almost full.  It was incredible. Romantic. Sensual. Lovely.  I think I always feel like that when I’m outside at night.  But being on a boat in Paris watching and learning about the history as you float by while seeing it under moonlight?  An experience I will endeavor to have again.  I highly recommend.Paris at night on La Siene Aimee Cartier blog

Musée d’Orsay… I just LOVE it.  Go there.  It’s a train station that’s been turned into a museum.  It’s been remodeled since my last visit, it’s even more lovely now.  And this is my favorite clock in the world.  (Look at the boat going by!)

I heart this clock. Musee D'Orsay Aimee Cartier blog

Musée Rodin… Not to go on about museums here, but seriously, I never realized how amazing Auguste Rodin was until I saw his art work in person.

Le Perchoir… A friend took me to THE cutest, most incredible, oozing cool rooftop bar.  Standing on the street below you would never have known it was there.  Nothing but a fabric rope indicated something may be there, and a sign stenciled on the side of the building that said (in French of course), “Here it is springtime.”  The street was nondescript in the middle of just another Parisian neighborhood.  When I asked my friend where we were going she said, (in French of course) “Do you want me to tell you? Or do you want to be surprised?” I chose surprise, and boy was it ever.  It was a magical evening in an enchanted place.  A hidden gem, like so many things in Paris.  My Parisian friend confirmed my instincts: Paris is a city with secrets.  Untold amounts.  Secrets hidden and revealed when the time is right.  Secrets forgotten and swallowed up again when their time is done.  Only to come again later.  I can’t describe it more than that, but it feels like that to me.  Not even Parisians know all that Paris is.  It’s beautiful and mysterious and whole.

Le Perchoir Paris Aimee Cartier blog

IMG_1320 IMG_1322 IMG_1331 IMG_1332

Last, but NOT least, Angelina… My so cool Paris guidebook said, “Hot chocolate worth flying to Paris for.”  I’m a hot chocolate connoisseur.  Seriously.  I drink it every day– and not the powdered kind.  While at another restau in Paris I read on the menu “Try our famous hot chocolate” so I did.  When I got my cup my first thought was, “This has nothing on what I make every day at home.” Chocolate Noir from Angelina?  Not so.  If I could fly there every day for a cup I would.  The best I’ve ever had in my entire life.  And that my friends, is saying a lot.  Also, the place is just divine.  It’s been elegant since 1903.

Hopefully you noticed the little cup of whip cream that comes with it. 🙂

IMG_1397 Angelina Paris Aimee Cartier blog

There’s more.  There is so much more.  But that’s where I’m going to stop.

If you want to see more, here are several Facebook posts I did on my personal FB page.  Every night I posted the day’s highlights there.  It was such a lovely practice for me, coming home culling through my photos for the gems and coming up with a few words to describe it.  Here, more or less, is my 10 days of highlights.


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Je t’aime Paris.  Bisous et beaucoup de lumière nourrissant.



Known for her insight, intuition, and ability to inspire, Aimée Cartier is also a psychic, author, and intuition teacher.  You can discover more about her fascinating work (if not her trip to Paris) on her website: www.AimeeCartier.com

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