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Breathe sweet precious air Into lungs For life   Laugh, long, loud, and full Bringing air To joy   Sing sweet melodies Creating life As love   Shout
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Those Words Rich and luxurious words echo through my being before I am even aware of them. Gazing at the one I have only just met but know
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  May you always remember the beauty of who you are! Also check out my blessings bog, and order a customized blessing book TODAY! http://spreading blessings.wordpress.com
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Perfect YES! Intersection   I’ll see you at the perfect intersection of our lives where the only obvious answer is YES!!   YES! YES! YES!
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The Lion, The Bear, and The Stag   “If it’s not one, it’s the other he said,” after The Lion had taken the neighbor’s dog— right in front
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Freya’s Offering   We expected the bear Thought he would come for the apples Who came was the lion For the fluffy lady cat   He came for
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