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Make Your Own Mailbox Love: Now Accepting Goodness

20140624-141712-51432860.jpgI’ve had this idea for a while. I keep these kinds of ideas jotted down in a craft idea notebook I have simply because the idea having doesn’t always coincide with the time to do it.

I’ve wanted to do it to our mailbox. But I’m particular- I’ve wanted to first change the color of our mailbox and for me that would mean taking it down one Sunday (or more accurately getting my husband to) so I could first spray paint it. Then let it dry. Then paint these words on it. It has to be sunny to dry (not always available in the Northwest). And of course I have to have large block of time away from the kids.

In the meantime, last month I found the perfect opportunity to use the idea and make a birthday surprise for a friend.

Here’s how it went down. After my husband and the kids were settled in their bedroom for the bedtime ritual.  I set out on my bike, spray bottle of water and vinegar, rag, and permanent markers (the oil based Sharpie kind) in hand.

You can see the result.  I told myself that unless my girlfriend asked I would not tell her I did it. It took her about a week – but she finally narrowed it down to me.

Next up our mailbox… but as my mom says, “Don’t hold your breath.”  It could be another year or two.  However, if you decided to do this on yours please let me know– and send a pic if you can.  It would be so fun to see this spread around!



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