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Your Empathic Ability Has Practical Uses!

I never hear anybody (but myself) talk about the practical uses of being an empath (but there are many). Generally speaking we hear just a couple of story threads when we talk about empaths.  From the empath’s side we hear about the overwhelm; how crazy making it can be to be swimming in the emotions of others all the time.  It can prevent you from knowing yourself even—you can get so awash in the emotions, opinions, and experiences of others you lose access to YOU.  That is a problem!  You may notice this by the way you are always trying to make others feel okay, doing whatever you can to help solve their challenge or mood.  That’s just one example we hear of the overwhelm of empaths.

PC: Olya Kobruseva

The other story thread I often see is the one in movies or books, especially of the fantasy or scifi genres.  Just last week I was reading a book where they had empaths on the job to track a woman who was a danger to others.  By the description I gathered that they had empaths searching room to room in the castle feeling all the feelings of everyone to see if they could notice a very disjointed pattern: the loose cannon dangerous woman.  

That’s cool and all—but I don’t visit castles nor live in a fantasy novel.  I’m more interested in what’s real and every day about being an empath.  Like how to manage it so it’s NOT overwhelming, and you CAN feel yourself, even in the company of others—and how it enhances the life you lead where there are no castles in sight.  With the exception of the fantasy and scifi genres, we rarely hear about all the good things that can and do come with being an empath.  We don’t hear how actually it can be really useful and uplifting for yourself and others.  Never discussed are the ways in which your empathic ability can help you live a more satisfying life.  In my empath program we actually spend a whole class talking about the many practical uses of being empathic.  I’d like to highlight one of those today.

Empathic people receive information in 3-D.  That’s the best way I can think of to describe it.  You can think of the actual words someone might be saying to you as a flat black and white rendering—that’s one bit of the information.  But for an empathic person, it’s just one piece of a whole full and sensual experience that happens when we are interacting with others.  It’s not just the words the person is saying that we log—generally their emotion and other information come through loud and clear as well.  Sometimes we are very aware of it—especially when emotion is heightened.  Many times, it’s just normal to us because that’s how we always see and experience the world.  Either way, on occasion, it can provide you with incredible gems.  

I still remember one such moment many years ago when my innate empathic 3-D listening redirected the course of my life in the time it took for a song to be sung.  

PC: Gabriel Gurrola

I went out to hear some music and have a beer with a girlfriend.  I was single at the time and more importantly, pining after a man who was energetically and emotionally unavailable.  I was just being my natural empathic self, sipping my brew and watching and being tuned into the musician.  At that moment, he started a song about a woman he loved who was unavailable.  He tried and tried to make it work with her and yet the end result was the same: nothing.  He had his whole heart and soul in that song.  He had his eyes closed and was belting it out with feeling and power.  Now as it frequently happens for an empathic person, when you are watching an artist perform original work–  you can feel the energy and emotion of where the song came from while you are witnessing it.  You tap its origins.  I did on that day.  It was a song about an unrequited love– about pining for someone who just couldn’t partner you.  While watching this musician, I could feel his emotion so strongly in my body and immediately I recognized the resonance to my own situation and feelings.  Diving deeply into the emotion of the song with him—riding the wave he had incited but that also existed in my own body I realized thoroughly, inside and out, that me pining for this elusive man was a complete waste of my time.  One, apparently just like the musician, I had already spent months on.  That song, and my innate enhanced listening provided a pivot point for me.  Listening to that one song, one time, one fall evening while visiting a girlfriend in Portland gave me everything I needed to choose a different road.  Literally from that moment on I dropped all thoughts of this unavailable man.  I concluded the story in my journal that evening mentioning what I had received from the song/that moment and did not look back.  His name did not appear again in the pages of my writing.  That song, that musician (I don’t remember the name of either) and the depth to which I am able to feel because of my empathic ability changed the course of my life and allowed me to gracefully chart another better course for myself: one that did not include pining after an unavailable man. 

That was memorable moment for obvious reasons.  Most of the time the empath’s enhanced 3-D listening while at an art performance is just lovely and diverting.  It’s like being a character in another story for a moment (not your own).  It allows you to feel outside of the scope of your skin or life.  Or as it did this night for me, it allows you to see into your life in a way that can make a profound difference.  That night, it was entirely my empathic ability that allowed me to (without any extra effort) have that life changing experience.  It’s one I’m STILL grateful for today!

PC: Britt Nemeth

Actually, my husband and I had our first date not long after that night!  But that’s another story entirely.  🙂

So, if you get anything from my story— understand, your empathic ability isn’t just for overwhelming you and helping you search castles.  😉  It’s good for so much more!

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Aimée Cartier is a psychic, author, and founder of Empath Intuition University.  In either private or group programs she teaches empaths who are ready to wield their empathic abilities as a gift instead of a burden.   Through seven-month programs– with tools, support and the camaraderie of their classmates– she helps them understand and dial their empathic abilities to decrease overwhelm, harness the good and practical boons of being an empath, and ultimately use their abilities to create more good in the world. More about her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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