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15 Things You Might Not Know About This Psychic

I love it when people tell random things about themselves that you may not know.  So with new people joining me all the time, and a new year beginning, it occurred to me this might be a prime time to do that: give you some random tidbits you probably don’t know about me.  My students will know a couple of these, like number 1,13 and 15.  I’d love to know some random interesting things about you too!  Shoot me an email or a comment on my Instagram account!

1) I love to knit.  In the evenings after my kids go to bed you will find me either knitting or reading, or knitting while listening to an audio book.  Even though I’ve been knitting for years, I mostly only knit simple things.  I find it very meditative, and I often repeat mantra in my mind while doing so

2) My husband and I were married in Mexico, almost 11 years ago.  I skipped my ladies’ luncheon!  (I wrote a blog about it too.) 2)  I also wrote this blog about our wedding day called: “10 Unlikely Actions that Create a Blissful Wedding.”

3) I come from a line of independent beings who like to do things their way.  My husband and children are also built this way– which does present challenges from time to time! #allthealphastogether

4) My daughter and I are Pisces, and my husband and son are Cancer sun signs.  We are a watery bunch which may explain our outdoor bathtub and shower which are heavily used and enjoyed by us during the spring, summer, and fall.

5) I love flowers.  We grow many.  One of my favorite things to do with them is to collect many of the scented lovelies (lavender, rose petals, calendula, mint, jasmine) and put them fresh into my bath or give my girlfriends little packets of these freshies for their own baths.

Aimée with garden flowers

6) One of the best decisions my husband and I made prior to having children was digging a pond in our yard.  (It’s 9 feet deep.  We used a backhoe, not shovels.) It sits directly outside of my studio and just yesterday as I was writing at my desk I watched a blue heron land and contemplate eating our fish.  To date the number of hours of enjoyment it has provided our family are countless.  You’ll find me lounging there all summer long or swimming in it with my kids and friends.

7) During the last two years of COVID my children were in school the whole time.  That’s because they go to a fabulous and visionary, 100% outdoor primary school, Vashon Green School (Instagram: @Vashongreenschool).  (Here’s an article I wrote about their completely successful in-person school year last year with zero COVID cases.)  I feel so passionately about the outdoor education movement and growing beings that feel connected to this earth, at home in their bodies and in the world that I’m often torn between how to have enough time to work on the books that I am writing (about empathic ability and intuition), and working on one with their school’s founder– to inspire more place-based, outdoor education.  (You can find out more about their ecological and racial equity and emotional literacy curriculum on their GoFundMe.) Somehow, I have to trust that it will all work out—and there will be enough time to slowly, but surely, write ALL the things. 

8) My favorite fiction books of all time (thus far) are the “All Souls” series by Deborah Harkness.

9) My favorite type of meal is the one I don’t cook.  I do NOT enjoy cooking.  Like if I NEVER had to cook again I would be throwing the biggest party.  Nonetheless, I cook for my family 5 nights a week.  I’m working on making it zero.  #goals. I do have a practice of putting love into the meals.  I start every pan with a heart shaped drizzle of olive oil  even if I do sometimes grumble first about having to do it in the first place!

10) For fun I read books about the brain and how it works.  My so-far favorites are “10 Mindful Minutes” (I wrote a blog about that book— it’s good for teaching kids.) and “Habits of a Happy Brain”.

Aimée Cartier doing readings

11) I feel best in my body, mind, and spirit when writing is a regular part of my life. 

12) Though I’ve been doing psychic readings professionally for nearing 20 years for many years at the very start of my career I frequently considered giving it up—telling myself that I would leave the readings behind and write books fulltime instead.  Around the time that I turned 40, like seriously one day the week I turned 40, I woke up and found that without any effort on my part I had moved into 100% acceptance of the fact that I was a psychic– despite it being weird or mysterious, or fascinating or scary to some.  I had a complete understanding that I was built to serve in this way and that fighting the notion, idea, or profession was a complete waste of my time.  To my friends I would describe the transition thus – “I woke up one day and without any effort on my part, suddenly gave zero shits about what anyone thought about me being a psychic and was no longer willing to extend any energy (even if just subtly) warring with that part of my story, internally or externally.”  It was crazily freeing and has been that way ever since!  (I’ll put in the postscript some blogs I’ve written on my journey.)  Now, I do readings and write books.  It seems to work perfectly.

13) I’ve been called “one of the most practical and grounded people I know” by friends and students alike.  People new to me, say this in some sort of astonished tone when they find out what I do for a living!  One of my girlfriends tells me that whenever she says, “She’s a psychic,” about me she follows it up with that statement or something like, because she feels that knowing I’m a psychic would give people an untrue impression of me since I’m so down to earth. (Here’s an article about how one of my students once called me, “The Normal Psychic!”) 

14) After almost every reading I do I thank goodness for this gift and ability to serve in this way.  Just today I had one client say to me at the end of our reading, “I feel so excited and energized now! Thank you!”  As we were hanging up, the client after her said, “This was the best 30 minutes of my life!”  (For the record, I feel pretty certain she has had some other equally as good or better 30 minutes in her lifetime– but I got her enthusiasm!) I feel honored and so grateful that I am able to do something I excel at and that is met with such gratitude from others– even if it is a bit strange or mysterious and I can’t explain precisely how I know how to do it. 🙂 I just know… 

15) One of the favorite things I do work wise, is teach other women all of the tools I use to keep my own intuition sharp and guiding me to thrive (and to use my empathic gift for goodness instead of letting it overwhelm me). It brings me ENOURMOUS gladness to see others waking up to the fact that they already have a perfectly working wise inner knowing and that if they pay attention to it, it will lead them again and again to wonderful and deeply satisfying experiences.   

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Aimée Cartier is a psychic, author, and founder of Intuition University and Empath Intuition University. In either private or group programs she teaches women who have a hard time trusting their intuition or don’t know how to use it to get results or empaths who are ready to wield their empathic abilities as a gift instead of a burden. Through seven-month programs she helps them understand and enhance their innate intuitive traits and increase their connection with their inner knowing so that they can use these skills to thrive and guide them to their best lives their whole life long. More about her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com

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