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If you’ve read my book, Getting Answers, you know I’m big on asking questions.

I love doing it because the answers ALWAYS arrive—whether we believe they will or not.  

Often, like most people, I’m asking questions that are relevant to my life and satisfaction.

Right now, is different.

Right now, I’m asking BIG QUESTIONS.

I encourage you to do the same.

I’m asking questions like: In what ways can we demonstrate beyond a doubt that women are powerful, sovereign creatures with autonomy and worth?  How can we show ourselves and others that we are each valuable beyond belief— in order to usher in a new world of harmony and balance.

PC: Aimée Cartier

I’m playing around with wording in my mind.  I’m not sure I have it right just yet.  I’m trying on different questions to see if I can find one or two that epitomize what it is I am looking to achieve.  Questions that will help me and others usher in a new and more balanced world that considers each of us as valuable and capable as I know we are.

We each have an incredible inner wisdom that guides us unerringly in the things that make our life better—whether we are making hard decisions (like carry a pregnancy to term) or easy ones— (like should we attend this BBQ tonight?).

I’m asking big questions right now because I feel in my bones that there is a new future waiting to be born: one that values the rights of all beings and their sovereignty— one that aligns with what I feel is real and true—that each of us is valuable beyond belief— no matter our skin color, the shape of our body, the particulars of our reproductive organs, nor the sex we prefer, nor the love that we share, nor whether we choose to have children or not.  And that each soul is responsible for choosing and moving toward what it deems important and relevant—no other human has THE moral code or right to make these selections for another.  Our choices are our own.

You’ve seen the movies right?  Just before something new comes, something (many things) VERY HARD appear.  The heroes always doubt their ability.  They don’t know if they can.  They think they probably can’t.  And yet they know there is no other choice but to try.

We’re in that dark part people.  That time where we may want to give up.  That time where it is necessary to lay on the floor and sob for a while.  That part where we just don’t know if we can.  Where we think what we want, or know, or feel to be true is unattainable and appears absolutely impossible.

That’s okay.  Allow me to remind you, it’s part of the story arc.

We are the heroes.

Each of us.

In contrast to the stories we’ve grown up on, there is no “one” arriving.  The wisdom inside each of us is and will be enough to get ourselves through.

PC: Hannah Busing

As you move through the emotions that being alive right now brings to the surface I would be honored to remind you of a couple of things I think are helpful to recall.

1. We are all exhausted.  The pandemic and one thing after another has been depleting us slowly, each in our own way, in our own specifics, for the last couple of years.  Therefore, REST AND BEAUTY are necessary right now.  Take naps.  Notice what is good and beautiful and satisfying in your own life.  Make art.  Sit outside.  Watch tree branches sway in the air.  Gather with your friends.  Have conversations. Eat fresh food.  Dive into whatever floats YOUR BOAT.  This is no time to let go of your need for deep nourishing.  Your resilience depends on this.

PC: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

2. You are a powerful sovereign being.  Whether you know it or not, whether you feel it or not, you have access to an immense inner knowing that lives inside of you.  I suggest you cultivate silence, and harmony in whatever way you can right now– it also has the benefit of bringing you right up next to that part of yourself who whispers answers, even in dark times.

3. Ask BIG QUESTIONS.  Let’s all start asking the questions that give us insight not into taking back what is already rightfully ours, but into demonstrating in unquestionable ways the value and sovereignty that each of us holds, regardless of gender or color.  (It’s been done before, for thousands of years, longer than the U.S. has been in existence, there existed matriarchal societies which moved with care, compassion, balance, and inclusion for all earth residents– human, animal, plant, spirit.  This current and recent small minded, controlling, patriarchal version is new relatively speaking and dying—no matter what the headlines tell you.)  

Let’s usher in a new and more balanced and whole future together.  

If you believe it’s time to start asking BIG QUESTIONS, then please forward this to your friends.  Let’s put a tickle in each of our minds that reminds us of our power to shape change, and get answers, especially if we are asking great questions.

With great love and belief in you,


Aimée Cartier is an author, intuition and empath teacher, psychic guide, and soon to be OWN YOUR INTUITION podcast host (starts July 12th!).  She’s known for her clear accurate insight, attention to practical details, compassionate guidance, and her true story telling. She teaches women who are tired of doubting themselves and want forever access to their own Highest Wisdom to help them lead their lives.  With practical advice and tools for accessing the wisdom within– her students move from uncertainty to understanding, knowing, feeling and trusting the magic that is already inside of them.  More about her and her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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