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Do you sign your name with a flourish? It might be childish, but I love it, so I do.

Yes, I might be the only adult who still signs her name with a heart.  What of it?

It’s at the end okay– not dotting the i. 😊

This is truly how I sign my name, every time.  Well, that’s not true.  Not on checks (but who writes those anyway anymore?), nor at the cash register on the credit card machine.  But in any personal correspondence, that’s how I do it.  I even put little dots around it, like light or energy coming off the heart.  I don’t know why, it just makes me happy. So I do it.  I like flourish.

If I’m writing to you, I’m likely to put a little flower or star coming off of your name.  Just to acknowledge that I know you’re awesome too.

I also sign most correspondence with, “Love,” as you’ve probably gathered from my blog posts.  But I do this even on business emails.  Someone asked me about it once and I responded quite simply, “Well I just feel that the world can always use more love, why not give it?” I meant that.  Even if I’m the only person who knows (after all the person getting my business email might actually think it was an accident), it’s my little way of spreading more love.

On occasion it all makes me laugh though– like, what adult does that!?  Well, there’s me.

Do you ever add a special flourish around your name? Tag me on your Instagram with an example– I want to see.

Love Aimee Cartier-001

Aimée Cartier is an author and psychic with a love of hearts.  More about her work can be found on her website: www.spreadingblessings.com.  This is her blog, generally filled with tools and true stories for living an inspired intuitive life.  P.S. You don’t have to sign your name with a heart to be inspired or intuitive.

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aimee cartier flourishI like this!

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