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Reveal: I asked my husband out on our first date & his startling response was:

aimee n jason in circle mirrorI asked my husband out on our first date. In truth, I just needed a date for this party. It was a 60th birthday party for a great friend of mine who also happens to be a gay man. I knew the party would be lovely, and would also involve costumes that a person could don, dancing, and lots of gay men. I needed to bring someone who I thought could fly with this sort of scene and also have fun in it. Because that’s what I intended to do. I chose Jason Culp.

When he accepted my offer (to join me for this party) he said, “Sure. I’m not scared of you.”

I’m totally serious. Those were his exact words.

“Okay. Um. Good. I think?” I said with a frown/ eyebrow quirk/smile/ face-not-sure-what-to-do expression on my face. (Fortunately he couldn’t see this because we were speaking on the phone.)

He said it because he knew I was a psychic. And because he says out loud whatever happens to pass through his mind.

At that time I had no idea that this would be a life altering date. My friend had insisted and insisted that I bring a date to his party—probably to make it even more fun for me. Jason Culp was the only person I could think of. (To this day we still credit my friend with getting us together. And we always know when the anniversary of our first date is… because it’s still my friend’s birthday.)

Also, incidentally, intermittently over the previous four months people had been asking Jason and I (every time we saw each other) when we had started dating.  Upon finding out that we weren’t dating they had at times (okay the last time) gone into lengthy diatribes about how we should be and about how we were perfect for each other. Again, I’m totally serious about this. But that is another story altogether.

That didn’t start us dating. What did was my desperate need for a date who could not only go with the flow but also enjoy himself doing it. I chose wisely. Apparently the other qualification necessary was a man who wasn’t afraid of me, which admittedly I hadn’t even considered at the time, but I suppose in hindsight seems obvious.

A marriage, two kids later and a  wonderful life that we continuously create together I feel so grateful that he is the man who I get in bed with every night. I even love that he says out loud whatever comes to his mind, though occasionally it does still bring out that mixed smile/frown/face-doesn’t know-what-to-do expression only he can coax. And on more than one occasion I’ve had to do a little explaining to the mystified person standing in our midst who doesn’t know him and has just heard those words come from his face. But more often than not I appreciate his candor, even when, and perhaps especially when he is telling me that I look terrible in a dress.

But unfortunately, (although I would like to from time to time) I still don’t scare him.

(Finger snap, damn.)



Aimée is still a psychic who isn’t a bit frightening.  As her husband is fond of saying, “She doesn’t wear head turbans or use crystal balls.”  She uses a probably even more mysterious innate gift for helping people determine their best steps in life.  She even wrote a book about doing just that.

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