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Oh the stupid things I’ve done… I’m still laughing at this one and it happened in high school.

Here's the view.
Here’s the view.

I was on a walk this morning.  I was coming up the road by my house when I suddenly stopped in the middle of the road to start grooving.  I just couldn’t help myself, the music was good, the morning was beautiful.  The sun was shining through the trees and the ravine ahead of me looked so gorgeous.  I felt so happy be alive and to live where I do and have access to this gorgeousness.  I was listening to my Soul Stroll by Erin Stutland.  I’ve mentioned her before– I absolutely LOVE her work.  Soul Stroll is pumping work out music, coupled with affirmations.

Anyway, it was so all so lovely and the music was pumping and I just had to stop and really let loose.  The road was empty and beautiful.

As I was dancing I turned to the side, so I could see a car if it came up the road from either way.  Just this move alone caused me to remember something that happened when I was about 17 years old.

My best friend had just left my house.  On a whim I walked out the door after her.  I saw her car pulling out of a parking spot on the street so I got in the middle of the road where she would have to drive in order to leave.  As her car pulled in to position and stopped in front of me, (since I was blocking the way), I started dancing.  I was just totally going for it.  Doing all sorts of crazy moves, shaking my bootie, probably even doing kicks– dancing wildly and goofily around– blocking her exit, for quite a while.

Several minutes into my goofball/wild performance I looked in at the driver seat again.  Now let me tell you it was on the darker side of dusk.  And as I looked in I thought, “That doesn’t look like Jasmine.”  Still, shaking my bones I took a deeper look.

It wasn’t Jasmine!

It was a perfect stranger!  In a car that happened to be just like hers!  And whose driver was sitting behind the wheel, foot on the breaks, grinning as wildly as I was dancing.

I’m sure I did some sort of gasp, “Oh my god!”/”I’m so sorry!”/slink sideways out of the car’s way.  All of which the driver witnessed through the windshield of his car, grinning huge the whole time.

I think I probably ended by doing some sort of half curtsey as he drove away, since it was obvious that this was just about the most unexpected (but happy-making) experience he had that night as well.  As he passed we waved at one another with large grins.

Then I RAN in the house to call my best friend and tell her– who was incidentally, already at home! (That’s how long my escapade took!)

Oh the memories.  Oh the stupid things I’ve done in my life! (And continue to do.)

aimee cartier joyI’m still giggling over this one.  Remember it Mom? Jasmine!?



Aimée Cartier is an author and psychic who appreciates the silly things she occasionally does, especially when they make her laugh more than 20 years later.  In her psychic work she specializes in helping her clients discover their next best steps in life and align with their own highest good.  More about her and her work can be found on her website: www.spreadingblessings.com.  This here is her Flourish Blog, where she posts tools and true stories for inspired, intuitive living. 

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