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I love this book. And so will other yogi, divinity/ sacred lovin’ people

I love this book: Mala of the Heart: 108 Sacred Poems.  I love it so much I brought it with me when I went to Paris this fall.  I thought I might read it on the banks of La Seine.  I didn’t.  Still, it was so easy to pack and it’s filled with 108 lovely godly poems.  It’s the perfect gift for yogi, spiritually/god minded, meditating, sacred seeking, divinity lovin’ people.  My father-in-law absolutely fits into this category and I planned to give it to him this Christmas until I made this mistake:

I showed it to him.

On his last visit to our house I thought I would slyly run it by him.  You know, just see if he loved it as much as I thought he would.  The day he was leaving our house he plunked the book down on our kitchen table and said, “I loved this so much I bought a copy for myself.”

Like a great starving beast

my body is quivering


on the scent




Well, it’s nice to know that my instincts were right on.  And, happily I found something else to get him for Christmas.  It’s a little less godly than this gem, but will likely add smiles all the same.  Of course I’m not saying what that is.

Playfully you hid from me.

All day I looked.

Then I discovered

I was you,

and the celebration

of That began.


In any case, get this book.  Or get it for someone on your list that fits into this category. It’s divine.  And it’s a pretty new release from the wonderful New World Library (who also incidentally has a 50% off all titles sale going through December 18th Enter Code: HOLIDAY) so it’s likely not already in your friend or family member’s library, unless you happen to be my father-in-law.

To learn the scriptures is easy,

to live them, hard.

The search for the Real

is no simple matter.


Deep in my looking,

the last words vanished.

Joyous and silent,

the waking that met me there.


P.S. For more book recommendations, poetry and otherwise, head on over to my website “Aimée Recommends page.” You’ll find books like these (below), which are similar to the beloved “Mala of the Heart.”


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