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Is Mercury Retrograde

(Or do these things REALLY have something to do with one another?)


Half of my belongings ride around in my car with me wherever I go.

Isn’t that magnet cute?

Please remove that silly puddy from the couch.

Would you like some chocolate?

The other 1/3 reside in the garage of a stranger.

I have to check the mail.

You forgot the discs!

Would you like a scarf?  I have one right here.

And an 1/8 of my possessions are in my current 4 day residence.

Do you have my cell phone charger?

What discs?

All she does is primp herself these days, every time she sees a mirror.

What time does the ferry leave?

Not to mention all those boxes in my grandmother’s pole barn.

Are you coming for a visit?

And my cat, she’s a day’s journey from here.

Oh those discs.  I didn’t need them anyway.

What time did you say the ferry left?

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