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The Science of Success, It’s Even in the Cards

Thanks to James Ray the Law of Polarity is a frequent topic of conversation around out home. In his course, The Science of Success James details the seven Super Laws and the seven Power Principles. The Law of Polarity (one of the Super Laws) states that “if one thing exists, its opposite must also exist. Failure must always be accompanied by the seeds of success.”

On a weekly basis my partner David and I are confronted with the truth of this law and others during our card games. Just a few days ago, I was completely womped during our regular game of Canasta. David scored a record high in points, pummeling me in the first round. But just as soon as he had crossed the finished line, the tables turned. In the next series of rounds I beat him time and time again, leveling the field until we had both experienced record success.

“It’s the Law of Polarity,” we agreed as we finished up the game. “Next time, you’ll probably be the winner,” I said packing up the cards.

Guess what happened the next time?

You got it. He won.

The card games are great fun but more than that they have become an analogy to me for life. They allow me to see, and practice in very quick time the universal principles that are constantly in play in our lives, the very ones that James Ray discloses in his course.

The Law of Rhythm: “the energy of the universe is like a pendulum. Whenever something swings to the right, it must also swing to the left.” He wins, I win, he wins, I win.

And from very first lesson: “The past does not equal the future.” Just because I lost last time doesn’t mean I’m bound to lose again.

My personal favorite, from the Power of Partnerships is:

“The only real competition you will ever have in life is the competition between the positive thoughts of your disciplined mind and the negative thoughts of your undisciplined mind.”

Practice not being discouraged by the losses, I tell myself; learn to maintain mental equilibrium in the rhythm of this flow.

Of course James Ray is not talking about cards. He’s talking about life. And more importantly he is showing us how to use these scientific principles to create success in our lives. My card games are only my practice. They are my simple way of creating tangible reminders in my own body of what these laws and principles actually feel like. So the next time the pendulum swings out toward “loss” in my life, I can remember, with certitude, it’s only a matter of time before it sways back around. 

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