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5 things I’ve done that still make me smile just thinking about them

Because I have two small children, and because for me today is very likely to be similar to yesterday and tomorrow— and they certainly all involve diapers— sometimes I like to take a moment and remember that in the big picture of my life, I have spent more days doing other, perhaps more interesting things, than I have changing diapers.

Here are 5 lovely experiences I’ve had that still put a smile on my face just thinking about them.


1. I once swam in the ocean at night in Thailand, surrounded by phytoplankton (or bioluminescence).  Every arm movement made a swoosh of neon.

2. I tipped over a whole hive of bees in my yard and didn’t get stung once.  (Read the story here.)

3. I spent New Years Eve in the mountains of Italy with a girlfriend and gaggle of Italian men.  Even 20-year-old Italian men dress up for New Years Eve—I still remember the surreal-ness of looking around and seeing myself surrounded by gorgeous Italian men in suits and one girlfriend wearing a fantastic red dress with matching lips.  The next day the men’s mothers served us all lunch.

4. I’ve lived through many a rainstorm in Senegal.  They go like this: First, you feel heat and humidity building to unbearable heights.  Then, you watch as relief appears on the horizon— slowly moving your way in the form of giant clouds rolling in.  When the first thick drops plop to the ground creating polka dots in the sand the accompanying waft of cool air feels like the answer to your prayers.  Then, when your world is drenched in sheets of rain, so thick you can barely see through them, you experience thunder loud enough to rattle the inside of your brain.  Still, you love it.

5. I’ve drunk beer in Germany.  Lots of it—it October.   But what I really remember about Oktoberfest in Germany is my continued astonishment over these big buxom women, dressed in peasant garb carrying 6-9 steins of beer at a time, using only their two hands.  You have to see this so you know what I mean. http://travelmaestro.covingtontravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/oktoberfest-beer.jpg

What about you?  We all must have these.  I’d love to hear some of yours.

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