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And her closet helped produce….

Because some of you asked. Here is the result of Cathy’s closet help. Dr. Seuss family:  Thing 1, Thing 2, Cat in the Hat, and me- Mother of Things.

Have you guys seen that Family Photos “Then and Yikes” post on Buzz Feed? We decided that our bottom right photo would be perfect for that.  My husband’s eyes are closed, the baby is looking away, and my son is waving his gloved hand animatedly. I can just see the repose when our kids are in their 20’s.  Sadly it was still the best photo we had in terms of reading all our shirts!  Also sadly, the shirts may be the only thing in true focus! Anyway, we had fun.  And at least you can get the picture.

Special kudos go of course to Cathy, our friend Steven who recently gave us the shirts and book and inspired our costumes, and my husband for his crafty costume making. As previously mentioned he even got out the sewing machine and whipped up his costume in record time.


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