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Naked wedding reminiscing.

This morning my husband and I were reminiscing about our wedding day– which was three years ago today.  One thing I will forever be grateful that we did is get naked immediately after the ceremony and run into the ocean together.  We told no one but our photographer what we intended to do.

As we returned from the ocean laughing hand in hand– the photographer produced the stashed sarongs, our family threw rice on us, and my dad said, “Well that’s not what I was expecting!”

Heee heee heee!  We were!

Still so grateful I married a man who loves fun surprises as much as I do.

When one of his best friends found out that the idea had been mine, she turned to my husband and said, “You married the right one!”

Still grateful for my love every single day!

Read more about our fun day here.20140217-105900.jpg

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