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My bro: He’s a clogger. He’s a what?

Ever have on of those moments where you’re like, “Oh yeah! We’re related!” said with a huge proud beaming happy smile.  Well I have.  That’s my brother, Matt, in the middle with the fiddle.


Recently I got to see my brother on tour with Pert’ Near Sandstone. A group of four stellar blue grass musicians who not only play music that is SUPER fun, they are also lovely personable guys;

When they were at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle guess who was in the audience?  Moi, my husband, and a bunch of our friends.  And we were dancing up a storm.

Well not like my brother dances– because you see he’s their clogger.  I know, you’re saying, “WTF is a clogger?”  Or if you don’t like the F-word, “Geez, (head scratch) what’s a clogger?”  If it wasn’t for my brother I wouldn’t know either.  But you’ve got to know- because it is soooooo cool!  The easiest way to explain it is to show you.

Basically the clogger makes the music’s percussion with his feet.  Isn’t that so cool!? (Beaming proud sister!)  Matt says the difference between “clogging” and “tap” is “country” and “city”.  Well we grew up in the suburbs, but I think this fits into the “country” kind.  All that’s needed: Board.  Shoes.  Beer.  And for good measure, a jug of water.


Here’s my favorite video of them at the Boulder Theater!  Oddly, even though my brother dances to most of Pert’s songs both of these videos capture the same one!  Still, it’s my favorite.  You can really see him move.

My sister took it when Pert’ was in Colorado.  She told me she had the same experience.  She was gushing to perfect strangers, “That’s my brother!  That’s my brother!”

Here’s one more video of what he does when he’s not doing a solo (as in previous videos).

Thanks to Pert’ Near Sandstone for a GREAT show.  And thanks to our parents for making us related.  Love you buddy!

P.S. Here’s a link to another (funny) story about my bro.

Me with the “star” before the show.20140513-204059.jpg



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