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I finally discover why my husband dresses our children this way.

I texted this picture (below) to my sisters one day with the caption: “Guess who dressed me!”  “J” came the immediate response– referring to my husband of course.

I like things to match: Outfits, my table linens, couch cushions to the sofa etc.  My mom says it’s a characteristic I’ve had since I was 15 months old.

My husband has a different idea of what matches.  Below is our conversation from the day I took and texted this photo, also reffered to (by me only) as the day I discovered why my husband dresses our children like this.


My husband (proudly): “Do you like her special outfit? Didn’t Daddy do a good job!?”

Me non-committaly with a slight smile: “Yes I did notice it.”

Husband: “What? I think this matches.” (He knows my propensity for pleasing color combinations.)

Me: Understanding dawning for the first time—“You do, don’t you?”

Husband: (Totally seriously.) “Yes. Look at all the blues. Every piece has blue.”

Me: “True. But what about all of the other colors and patterns in each of those garments?”

His face becomes a question mark—like a “What does that have to do with it?” kind of a look.

Suddenly, everything becomes perfectly clear to me.

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