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Raise your vibration and remember who you are with this simple happy practice

Told from a mother’s point of view, but applicable to everyone who breathes.

I think of this as the “I am!” stance.

I don’t know about you but as a mother I am constantly mired in other people’s business: two little people’s business to be exact.

In my day-to-day life I can lose sight of the fact that I am bigger than this job: I am more than just an ass wiper. I’m totally serious. After a plain old regular day of mothering when demands are anywhere from 5 seconds to (big sigh) 20 minutes apart, it is so hard to remember that you are anything other than a responder-to-little-demands/ a-provider of tiny needs.

You can easily forget about those qualities that you thought you had. Those attributes that you exemplified before your main job was providing snacks and comfort.

Recently, I was reminded of this simple practice, and it honestly felt like a God Send—which is why I am sharing it with you.

It all has to do with two simple words, “I am.” Well, and the word you add after it. Because there is this simple truth that you are probably familiar with— what you proclaim is what you become.

Think about this for a second. Were there things that you were before you became a mother that you would still like to be now? Are there qualities that are important to you that you would like to exemplify? Is there anything you want to remind yourself to be throughout the day?

Pick your 5 or 10 words—and one of them cannot be ass wiper! Write them down. Trust me, you’ll forget otherwise! Plus you want to see it. And keep seeing it. Place the list on your kitchen counter, or taped to your fridge, or wherever you’ll see it. Make many if you want, stick them around your world. On your paper each word is preceded by the words “I am.” Say them out loud or in your head whenever you can.

Chose words that you want to be, think you are, or would just like to remember to be amidst your day-to-day life. Looking at your list—being reminded of these qualities that you endeavor to imbibe, you’ll remember to choose them when you get into a situation where you could act otherwise. And, you’ll remember that you ARE them… even when the majority of your days involve tiny needs and naked bums.

I am gracious.

I am lovely.

I am vibrant.

I am brilliant.

I am guided by ease.

I am supported.

I am successful.

I am happy.

I am wealthy.

I am loved.

I am fun.

I’d love to hear your words if you’re inspired to share.

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