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Easiest no cook stir-fry sauce. Pour it on your cooked veggies and bam: Dinner!

This is how I start every meal– well, the meals that require oil in a pan.IMG_7827.JPG

This is how I started last night’s stir fry meal– but not how I finished it.

A friend of mine taught me this great stir fry sauce.  I love it!  I use it whenever I want to make a stir fry in a hurry– okay, that’s mostly how I want to make any dinner, but whenever I don’t want to make an elaborate stir-fry sauce that requires heat and corn starch I use this sooo simple recipe.  It’s tasty and easy!  The winning combo of dinner characteristics for me.  Pour it over your sautéed veggies (and optional rice) and presto you’ve got a meal.IMG_7829.JPG

3 parts soy sauce (or Tamari)

3 parts lime juice

1 part fish sauce

1 part sesame oil

You can also add pressed garlic and red pepper flakes to taste too.

aimee cartier flourishI like this!

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