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“Help out” at the grocery store? Not an old-fashioned dream on our island.

Someone (not me!) pushing our cart.

At our grocery store, they provide you “help out.”  It’s heavenly.  Especially when you’re lugging two kiddos with you.  Presto, someone pushes your cart (with your kids and your groceries in it) out to your car.  You unload your kids while they unload the groceries.  AND they take the cart back!  I love this.

Anyone can get help out.  They almost always ask you, “Would you like help out?”  Even when I was single with only a bag full of groceries and no cart they asked me this beloved question.

I was doing a late night (8:45pm– our store closes at 9PM) run for ice cream in my PJ’s the other night and my husband and I were joking that I should get there and ask for “help out.” “Can I get help out with this pint of ice cream? ” I would say.  “I’ll carry my keys.” My husband was like, “Better yet you should call up there and tell Bill (our friend who works there) you want them to help your ice cream out to your car while you drive by and pick it up!”  Oh wouldn’t that be lovely!

Still, you can’t beat living in a place where “help out” isn’t just a memory, but an alive and well every day courtesy.

Atalie investigates our “helper.” Xylus watches the road. Groceries get a ride. Mom gets a break. Win. Win. Win. Win.

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