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An overlooked household item that creates great happiness for me (and possibly you too).

hot water bottle heart coverA hot water bottle.  Yes, I know.  It’s something you’ve known about your whole life right?  But you never really considered using it.  Well that was the case for me– until about two years ago.  I think it happened by way of an off handed comment my husband made– something like, “Why don’t you get the hot water bottle [for your aching belly]?” And I thought, “Yes, why don’t I?”  I had never actually considered it.

Now, this trusty linen closet or under the bathroom sink barely used item has turned into a trusted and faithful companion of mine, especially at this time of year.

But after that initial use, it migrated mostly to the bottom of the bed, for my feet.  And I use it to warm up the bed at night.  I fill it up, throw it under the covers where my feet reside, then go and brush my teeth.  Or, I just take it with me full, warm and ready for action when I get in bed. Or I get in bed, realize I don’t have it, get up, fill it, and return to bed with it. 😉  Mostly I use it at my feet.  It’s an instant foot warmer– that doesn’t torture husbands.  And occasionally it’s also nice for belly snuggles.

Aside from my husband, my duvet, my bed, my pillow, my sheets, and my delta sleep program, it’s my single most happy making night time friend.  I highly recommend!

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