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Graduating from the school of birthing and breast feeding. For this, dear body, I thank thee.

When my daughter was wee.

I don’t think I mentioned this to all of you but I recently weaned my daughter.  This is such a celebration for me– and a big deal.  Not just for weaning her– but really because it marks the end of a long period of my life.  I have been either pregnant or nursing for over four years.  Four years and two months to be exact.  Continuously.  When I told that to my sister she said, “Oh my god, that’s like a whole college career.”  Exactly, I’ve been pregnant or nursing for as long as I was in college.  And let me say the studies were much harder this time around.After she pointed this out I started to think of it as a graduation of sorts.  I wouldn’t give back the privilege of doing either of those life-giving tasks– but let me say for the record, I’m also super glad they are done!  My body has been working hard for me and my babies for a long time!

nursing body thank thee full quote

So I’ve been trying to keep that in mind lately as I go about my business– and thank it.  I’ve been trying to insert little healing activities and restfulness when I can.  I did yoga while traveling.  I’m scheduling an Ayruvedic Abhyanga or hot oil treatment soon.  (I’ll let you know.)  And I’ve been trying to acknowledge, both internally and externally (through body gifts like I’ve mentioned) all the amazing work this walking, talking, skin and bones vehicle has done for me.  Wow, my life would be so different right now without the magical ability to grow, birth, and nurse babies.  IMG_8158I’m so glad I was given that gift.  And boy have I earned my rewards.
graduating from the school of birthing and nursing by Aimee Cartier

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