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This kid talk is making me laugh: best of today’s quotes

IMG_6176Xylus: “Mom, last day I built this,” (showing me the legos).

Me: “Honey you say, ‘yesterday.”

Xylus:I say ‘last day.'”

Oh okay!

Xylus to his sister: “Caca, this is your plate.”

X to me: “Mom, I can call my sister ever I want.”

Me: “Yes, I suppose that’s true for now.”

X: “I am calling her Caca right now.”

Thank god we don’t live in France where that word actually means poop.


X: “Sister, sister…. Caca! Caca!  Meet me in the kitchen,” (which is really a play tent).

X from the “kitchen”: “I farted Caca!” (Told in a tone indicating this is great and wonderful news– information that one wouldn’t want to miss.)

Meanwhile my mind is still translating the word “Caca” to “shit” every time I hear it.

X while commenting on his sister’s activity on the potty: “Sister you have a lot of poop in your arm!”

Some days the things that come out of his mouth just bowl me over laughing.  Today is one of those days.  I hope you enjoy it too.



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