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Wedding, Paris, death: This rich journey.

Oh my gosh friends! I’m back.  So much has happened since we last spoke.  This journey.  This life. It’s incredible, amazing, gut-wrenching and gorgeous really– all of it.

Since I’ve been gone for so long from my blog and to me it feels like SO MUCH has happened I just thought I’d take a minute to share with you where I’ve been.

  • Developing a new one-on-one intuition course. (Now taking students.)
  • Helping two friends have a most spectacular wedding. (Heart)
  • In PARIS by MYSELF! (10 whole days! + 2 travel days)
  • At the bedside (physically and energetically) of a dear friend who passed away last week.

Mostly in that order, with a few overlaps.

Andy n Candise Get married aimee cartier blogBoy, its felt momentous.  On every single front.  And I can put in a nutshell what I feel like I’ve learned or re-learned from all of this.

  • Life is so worth living.
  • Some of the things you thought were important (like updating your blog for instance, sorry 🙁 ) really aren’t all that important.
  • A lot of things in your life ARE truly precious, even if you take them for granted all of the time. (Like having such a vast group of truly caring and crazily stellar friends who truly show up for one another, in so many ways.)
  • That, life goes on.  Crazy as it seems sometimes, it truly continues– in the face of great grief, or great joy, alone, or together, the days turn one into the next, seasons continue to morph, life continues with every action in some great enormous machine of which we are all only aIMG_1286 cog, a tiny piece of a giant WHOLE
  • Regardless of what we are doing, (be it planning a wedding or a funeral, or traveling the world) and whether we realize it or not, our essence remains unchanged.  Each of us remains true to our core elements and passions no matter where we happen to physically be on earth, or what we happen to be doing.   I know that one may be a little vague.  But some combination of watching my own friend’s essence in both life and in death, stepping out of my own day-to-day life so completely with a solo vacation to Paris, and coming home to find I am still the same, and I was there too! (Like for example, even in Paris, I love linens.  And no matter how many streetAimee Cartier in Paris corners full I see, I’m just not into vintage stuff. When someone needs information which I have and no one else knows, I offer it, I can’t help it, be it in English or in French, in Washington or Paris, I’ll give you what I’ve got if I have it and you need it.) – it’s all had me thinking.  In the course of weeks, I’ve watched  my friends go from wedding to death and I see it in them too.  Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we are who we are.
  • I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many spectacular souls, each enacting in their own special way, a unique presence and being in this world.  It’s beautiful really.friends Aimee Cartier blog

So as I move forward with all of this in my bones, under my belt, and added to my being, I wanted to share a piece of it with you.  This journey is so rich I can say that for sure, and every piece of it makes it all so worth it.




Aimée Cartier is an author, psychic, and intuition teacher.  You can find out more about the fascinating life of a psychic 😉 here and here: www.AimeeCartier.com.

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