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Don’t let yourself be crushed by the WHAT IFs, & a secret you should know about them.

An image came to me so clearly this morning. It was so vivid I had to draw it: A giant WHAT IF crushing the good vibe/feeling/idea of a hopeful soul.  🙁Don't be crushed by the WHAT IFs Aimee Cartier blog

It’s such a shame.  Seriously. Because I want to tell you a secret about WHAT IFs.  They are made of SMOKE.  That’s right.  Of nothing.  Of something that floats away off into the ether, of something that can make you cough and choke for a moment but not something that can truly knock you down.  Unless you stand there inhaling it over and over again.  Then, you’re in trouble.

Here’s the straight truth about it.  Every WHAT IF is a product of your mind.  It’s just your lovely brain, doing what it is made to do– think of ALL the alternatives.  It (your brain) is F-ing brilliantly creative.  You have to give it that.  It can tell you all kinds of things about one single action, hope, or dream.  It can change its story in the wink of an eye– filtering through every range of possibilities that it can come up with.  It has no real agenda over which ones you chose, it’s just doing its job.  But, it will start to show more of the ones you seem to put energy toward,  or deem “important.”

Here’s another truth.  You may not be able to help which thoughts filter through– but you do have a choice as to whether you believe everything you think, or whether you continue to give it air time.

You can chose which thoughts you sink your teeth into, or which ones you let sink into you.  Some have a soul/hope/peace of mind killing effect while others are buoyant, full of energy, vibrancy and life.

I’m not saying it’s always easy to let go of a soul crushing thought, but I am saying it’s possible.  Here is a technique I use: Pick something, anything to think about when you notice yourself stuck on something negative, or going through the list of crappy things that could happen. Here’s an article I wrote about a practice that really helped me when I was in a rut of negative thinking.

Because you see, it can happen to anyone.  That’s why you need to know this: No matter how rough and tumble, big and brawny your WHAT IFs may seem– one hearty blow will disperse them every time.

Blow as often as needed! 😉

All my love,


Aimée Cartier is a psychic and intuition teacher.  More about getting over bigger than life fear can be found in her book, Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life, where there is a WHOLE chapter devoted to this subject! 


What you should know about the hope crushing WHAT IFs Aimee Cartier blog

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