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Why live an intuitive life? What all successful people know.

Recently I sat next to a high high-powered business executive at a women’s brunch in Seattle. As we were talking she described herself and her husband (also a successful business man) as very intuitive. This woman works for a company that nearly everyone in this country knows. The decisions that she makes on a daily basis affect the lives of millions of people. And I’ve noticed in radio commercials lately that her company is taking some very innovative and broad sweeping actions. This woman is the force behind much of that.

So why didn’t it surprise me when she told me she was intuitive?

Hafiz Hotel Sayulita Mexico. Aimee Cartier Spreading Blessings MediaAll successful people are. Intuition is the must have, or I should say, “must use,” genius behind all learning. Highly successful people know it and use it. They might call it something else—instinct, a hunch, or a feeling in their gut– but they trust it. When it arises, they lean into it. They know it’s a tool that leads to goodness, happiness, and success.

It doesn’t matter what your field is. Intuition is an instrument you can’t live well without. Textbook or experiential learning is what you bring to the table to do your work. Your intuition is what you rely on to make it shine.

In business, it’s what tells you to hire this person, instead of that person, even though the other one looked better on paper. In relationships, it’s the thing that tells you when a person is not right for you, even if you wish he or she was. Or when they are, even if they are not what you had imagined. It permeates all areas of your life. And if used properly it can lead you to ease and happiness in those places.

Intuition is what makes the difference between surviving and thriving, photo 1between living and flourishing. You want to flourish! I want that for you! So ask your intuition, ask your instincts. What are they telling you? Don’t discount them. Don’t brush them aside, or make them less important that your book learning. Don’t think they don’t belong in your business or friendships or in the actions that fill your days.

Ask and rely on those answers. Act on them. And discover what all successful people know—your intuition is your own unique hidden device that allows you to create a happy successful life, perfect just for you.

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Intuition genius. Aimee Cartier. Spreadingblessings.com

Successful people use intuition. Aimee Cartier

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