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Free holiday choir concert in your living room this weekend. Here’s how.

I recently learned that one of my favorite artists, named Ellis, went to my alma mater.  (Check it!  The music starts around minute one.)  It’s funny how a detail like that make you look more fondly on the place you did university.  I should clarify, I don’t have a bad feeling about where I went to college, on the contrary, I feel quite happy with the experiences I had there.  But I don’t have what I would call alma mater love.  I’m not a bumper sticker toting or check-writing contributor to my university.  If I ran into anyone that went there I wouldn’t feel a great swell of pride and solidarity.  I would think, oh interesting.  I’d probably say first, “Do you sing?”  And secondly, “Did you go abroad?”  St. Olaf College


is known for two things: its fantastic choir, and (at least in my mind) secondly, it’s out-of-this-world overseas study program. (But that’s a subject for another time.)

If I knew, when I was in college what I know about myself now—namely that I love to sing—I would have joined the choir myself.  But as it stands, I don’t regret my choices there.  I did take advantage of their fantastic study abroad program.  Today, I couldn’t repeat a year at University in France—but I can sing in my living room. And, I just discovered, so can the St. Olaf Choir.

If I lived in Minnesota, I would undoubtedly attend St. Olaf’s spectacular Christmas concerts from time to time (maybe yearly).  But this year, I discovered you can bring them to you—and you don’t even have to pick up your kids toys to make room!  You can live stream them, via public radio.

Honestly, I haven’t heard them since I left college, plenty of years ago.  But if you’re into Christmas music (like I am), and appreciate choir singing (like I do), this will likely be a fun holiday treat. It looks like December 8th is the day.  Set your alarm—if you care.  Here’s the link for you to find it online.

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