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Finding the Stars Within

I love the darkest time of the year.  Maybe it sounds weird to say that.  But this time of year the abundant darkness always feels so rich for me.  Where I live it gets dark around 4:30PM.  I feel the darkness pull at me in every part of my being. I want to sleep more.  Even when I am not sleeping I want to have my pj’s on. I want to sit quietly with no external sounds and knit.  I want to lay in my bed with a hot water bottle and a someone telling me a story (i.e. a good book).  I want a fire in the wood stove, Christmas music playing, a lovely scent in the diffuser and children enjoying their legos by the Christmas tree. I want to be surrounded by pillows and soft things while drinking rich and creamy warm drinks.

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But even more than that, every year at this time of year, I want the stars inside.  Something about the darkness surrounding makes me more aware than ever of the brightness within my own being, the one that exists in us all. In my minds eye, I can see it, my vision of it is always at its peak this time of year.  It’s a vast dark midnight blue sky with bright glittering stars—and it lives within. It beckons to me… the richness of the dark sky like a velvet blanket, each star a possibility, a creative idea full of potential if only I will pay attention and uncover/discover it.  If only I will look inside.

 I encourage you to look for it too.

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Especially if your holiday season is crazy or busy—or filled with twinkling lights of every blinking color. I encourage you to turn off the lights– to get in bed early.  To stop at the library on your way home from work—and grab something off the shelf. To get in the bath with some bath salts and a candle.  (Keep the candle out of the bath. 😉 )   To sit with your journal and a few questions and see what arises.  (I’ve got some suggestions below.)

I highly recommend a whole evening (or more!) by candlelight.  (Or by candle light and Christmas lights as we do in our house.) Bask in the replenishing song of the dark.  It can illuminate your internal flame during this darkness.  Because you see, you’ve got one.  I know it.  Inside you, just like me, is a rich and starry night filled with good ideas, richness, and understandings of the delicacies on earth that you relish.  

If you need something to do in the silence explore the stars of your heart.  Make a list of the things that you love.  Ask yourself what experiences make your life rich?  Ask yourself what you love about your life—and what you would like to see more of.  Ask yourself what you love about yourself.  Explore your memories– uncover again the most sacred and special moments that you have already experienced while alive.  Bask. 

No matter how long it’s been since you used it—that rich darkness of deliciously bright ideas and experiences within your being is still ready to go.  It doesn’t expire.  

And stars are always easiest to see when it is dark.




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