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The unusual gifts of toddlers: world’s longest snort-a-thon, for example.

Snorting as a way to communicate with strangers.
Snorting as a way to communicate with strangers.

For some reason my son has recently developed a keen love of snorting like a pig. Sometimes he’ll run up to other kids at the park and just snort at their faces for like 10 seconds.  It’s weird to have someone come up to you and just start snorting.  And especially if they are bigger, laughter ensues.  One day he just ran around the playground snorting at everyone.  The whole playground was dying of laughter by the end of it.  But he, did not crack a smile.  He just kept on his mission to spread snorts across the world (his world).

Lately he’s changed it to a bit more of a punctuation. “Mom, you’re getting up? (One long) Snorrrrt!” or “I’m playing outside. Snorrrrt!”  There is no theme or connection with snorting to any of the preceding sentences.  It can even be a greeting, “Hi Dad! Snorrrrt!” when his dad gets home from work.  He does it all with a totally serious face, not inserting even the slightest smile.

For your viewing pleasure I have included a video clip from what ended to be the world’s longest snort-a-thon in our home- at the dinner table.  It is from when the piggie first emerged so I was behind the camera eyes tearing up with laughter.  Also for your pleasure I didn’t include the whole episode.  I  have found a little bit of snorting goes a long way.

Here’s the video.  Hope it makes you laugh too!

Snort-a-thon video.
Snort-a-thon video.




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