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Post prego hair… good for a laugh at least.

The other day I looked in the mirror on the way out the door and I saw a chunk of hair just past my hairline standing straight up in the air about two inches tall.  I might clarify, the rest of my hair is long.  When I saw it I was like, “Oh no.  It’s happening again!”  Somehow I didn’t notice it until now.

I remember the first time it happened to me.  I was out at a restaurant with some friends and one of our best friends, Andy, turn to me and said, “What is up with your hair?”  I had all these little spiky pieces sticking straight up all over on the top of my skull.

I responded then honestly, “I don’t know!  Isn’t it weird!?”

It could be worse.  But it’s not that great.

However, its reappearance has prompted me to repost this little video I made about it the first time around!

Post prego hair.

Please enjoy this 1 1/2 minute video at my expense.


aimee cartier flourishI like this!

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