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Naked grilling… for real.

This is probably TMI but my weird and brave husband has been known to grill in the buff.  We have a very private backyard, and an outdoor bath and shower– so sometimes following his after work shower– standing next to the grill without clothes on just comes naturally to him.

20140711-081944-29984447.jpgHonestly it’s frightening to me– I wouldn’t put my naked flesh next to something so hot– ever.  Even when I don’t have a little dangling piece right at grill height.

Last time he had me take a pic of his bum side and send it to his brother with the subject “Naked Chef.”  I wanted to title it, “Looks like a Culp,”– my husband’s last name.

But it’s moments like these that make me realize how truly weird we are.  Honestly, I forget this sometimes.  But all I really need to do is sit back for a second and think about what my dad or my mom would think if they walked in on say, a man, my husband, standing in the backyard next to the grill totally naked.  Uncomfortable.  If I want an internal laugh I can think about us trying one of these stunts in their backyards!  That thought nearly chokes when it comes out!  That’s when I realize that we are WEIRD, or as one of my lovely readers called us once, “characters.”

Honestly when my husband and I first started dating I always had this mental image of us driving around in one of those motorcycles with a side car.  The whole thing was bright shiny red.  And I, of course was driving (it was my thought after all).  In the picture I am always dressed in something that I deem sophisticated.  But realistically, in comparison to those who are actually considered fashionably sophisticated it is probably more akin to country bumpkin or yesterday’s style.  My husband is wearing, god knows what. The important part is that he has on a scarf wrapped around his neck flying backward in the wind, a soft leather helmet, and some of those bomber glasses– you know, like Snoopy.Snoopy-as-WWI-Ace

Whenever I think on this image it makes me laugh.  And in some ways our life is sort of like that.  I could define it, but that would take the magic out of it for me.  If I had to expand the image out I would see that there are all kinds of people on the sidelines or street corners, looking at us like we are totally crazy.  But we don’t even notice.  We’re having to much fun and laughing hard at our wild ride.

Apparently we stop on the side of the road for a round of naked barbecuing as well.  He’s naked.  I’m still casually “sophisticated.”

P.S. I meant to have this post be about the lovely garden grill items (peas and garlic scapes and the garden broccoli we steamed) but I just couldn’t get other more striking things out of my mind. 😉  I’ll post those pics tomorrow.


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