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I’m a psychic.

This is what I usually look like while doing a psychic reading on the phone.

I’m a psychic.

I used to not really want to talk much about my psychic gifts. I don’t know- it made me feel uncomfortable. People make all kinds of assumptions about you. They’re curious. But also they think you’re kind of a whack. You know, a turban wearing, aura catcher or something. Or they become apprehensive and fearful. Suddenly they are afraid you might know how ugly they think your sweater is. But in truth, even though it’s true that I’m a psychic, generally I’m quite ordinary. I’m a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, etc. I drive a car, not a Pegasus driven flying carriage. I buy groceries. I raise children and wipe bums. On a daily basis I think about things like… what to feed my kids for lunch, or how messy our bedroom is getting, or when I’m going to force myself to fold all that laundry. Not, what the vibe of the person next to me in the grocery store is, what they may or may not be thinking, and certainly not what their aura looks like.

But the older I’ve gotten three things have happened to me.

1. I’ve accepted my psychic capacities as just a part of me. I didn’t try to be this way. I didn’t study it or set out to be this. I’m just built this way. I can’t even help it.

2. I’ve stopped feeling uncomfortable about it. I’ve realized that denying it, is A. really just a waste of time, and B. prevents me from serving the greater good. It may be weird to others, but this is what I’m made of. I’m not an architect, or a computer whiz. I have no real talent in the kitchen. My gifts flow through me in words and the ability to see and understand things that are beyond the physical realm.

For those of you who wonder! My website: www.AimeeCartier.com

3. I’ve started to understand it as a spectacular and unique gift that I’ve been given to serve others. I’ve been using it to serve others through readings for years, but slowly it’s dawned on me how special it is. Everyone has their own offering to bring to the table. This is part of mine.

I’m a seer. Though at parties I don’t use that word, because no one would know what I was talking about, I do find that now-a-days I am just as likely to say, “I’m a psychic and a writer,” as I am to use my blander version of just plain, “I’m a writer.” I don’t have to add that I’m a mom— it’s usually obvious. I’m running after two small children, wiping faces and hands and attempting to divert disaster. Although these days I’m more likely to have diapers than a business card on hand, I’ve learned to accept that my psychic abilities are part of who I am and the service I can offer the world.

If you want a reading—we can schedule it. If you need diapers—they are in the bag.

And just for the record—I won’t know, unless you tell me—but it’s totally okay if you don’t like my sweater.

Because of these simple personal truths I’ve recently redone my website to reflect the whole me. If you’re curious, you can check it out. (AimeeCartier.com) There is even a Frequently Asked Questions section for the curious but shy.

Love, Aimée

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