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In service of the Highest Good– one of my favorite things.

This is not me.  Don't be confused. I am not a cartoon! ;)
This is not me. Don’t be confused. I am not a cartoon! 😉

How about this prayer for your day.

“May I be in service of the Highest Good today.”

Today I ended my morning meditation with it.  I don’t always do that– but it came out spontaneously, and it is one of my favorites.  I always close with that when I finish meditating in preparation for a reading.  It’s a prayer I say automatically every time I know that I will be serving others.  Or when I know that I’ve got big things on the agenda.  It’s a prayer that helps me angle my actions, my radar, and the information I am tuned into only to that which may serve the highest and the best.   But although I serve my kids everyday!, I don’t always add it to my regular morning meditation time.

Today it just spontaneously rolled off my tongue, and it felt so good that I thought I’d pass it along– in case you’ve never tried it.

May I serve the Highest Good in every way, today, and every day. 🙂

May I be a vehicle for the Highest Good... Also another of my favorite ways to say it.

So if you’re looking for something sweet to be, see and feel today:  Be in service of the highest good.IMG_8987

My meditation teacher always said, “So your intention, so your attainment.”

Set it on the best! What could be better than that!?

In this case, for me, as I write this it means giving the cat some much needed love while the kids are napping.  Haha!

All my love,


May I be in service of the Highest Good Aimee Cartier blog

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