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3 of my favorite relaxing soundtracks

The other day I was set to do a psychic reading— cause that’s what I do– when I found out that the person had to cancel.  But by the time I got the message they had left I had already prepared myself.  This means I was in my studio, had just meditated, and was in the calm and relaxed state that I go to in order to be the best at my work.  The cancelation meant suddenly I had an hour free– and I was already in that lovely peaceful state.

deuter buddha nature cdWhat a boon!  Honestly, when I’m out in my studio, or when I have any free time, I usually have a whole list of things I want or need to do.  This day I chose not to do any of that.  I put on some relaxing music and went about puttering without any agenda pride and prejudice sound trackfor myself.   It was the best medicine I had all week– just giving myself that freedom was so liberating!

I put up the string of white lights I had been wanting to put up for months.  I sat at my desk and tweaked with the blessings that I always give out after a reading.  In essence, I moved freely without the feeling that I should be accomplishing something significant or specific.  I did the things I usually don’t take the time to do.

But it was the relaxing music that prompted this post.  I have soundtracks that I love to listen to when I want to relax.  I’ve listened to these three so many times that as soon as I hear them, my body starts to ease immediately.  That day, I didn’t need to give it the extra message, but in case you are looking for something lovely that inspires that sort of state, these are three of my favorites.

vivaldi 4 seasonsOf course you can buy the CDs.  I’ll link the images to Amazon.  But you can listen to all three free on Spotify too.



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