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Have you seen this? Only 2 minutes can increase your confidence!

wonderwomanIt was in writing what I call my “I am” post that I was inspired to call up my sister and say, “Remember that thing you told me last year about how standing in a certain position for two minutes can shape your life in positive, empowering ways… where did that come from?”  She messaged me later with a link to the Ted Talk.

Last year, I got the information second hand from my sister and I fundamentally understood it on a cellular level.  I got it– how that would change you.

This year I actually followed the link and watched the whole 20 minutes– and oh my gosh it’s so inspiring.  If you have the time, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.  If you don’t, cause I know how that goes too.  Here is the gist from Social psychologist and Harvard associate professor, Amy Cuddy.

“Our non-verbals govern how we think and feel about ourselves,” and therefore how we act and what happens to us.  Furthermore, “our bodies change our minds.” Amy Cuddy’s done the research to prove it.  Certain poses, which she dubs “power poses” lead us to feel “assertive, competent and comfortable” and doing them has even been proved to link up to success in life situations (like landing a job for example).

So here’s the deal.  As she says, “Tiny tweaks equal big changes.”  Your tiny tweak?  It’s as simple as standing in what has been called “The Super Woman pose” for two minutes.  It can lead you to feel better, act better and be your best self.

Watch the video if you can.

Stand as Wonder Woman if you can’t.

[ted id=1569]

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