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Are you stuck? Are you overwhelmed? Here’s a two in one solutions.

Pet the sunAre you stuck? Are you overwhelmed? Are you exercising? I know, I know right now you’re thinking, “How the F am I going to fit that in?” Or maybe you don’t use that language—so you’re thinking—“What the crap, is she serious? How would I have time to add that in?”

At least that’s what I was thinking a month or so ago when I realized that what I really needed was exercise. I had gone too long without it integrated into my daily life and I was feeling it in so many ways and not just my bum.

Well I was reminded of this again by seeing a client. She’s totally overwhelmed, because she’s got a lot on her plate. And she was stagnant at the same time. It’s like she needed a shake up, literally.color 3 by Arlo Bates

Well exercise does that. Especially when you are stressed, or stuck, or not sure how to move forward. That stress builds up in your body. It clogs the systems down. The thoughts just start to run around and chase each other, one always leading to the ones you have before, which don’t feel inspired or resourceful and they clearly haven’t gotten you anywhere or you wouldn’t feel stuck. (Unless it’s because you’ve only been thinking about things—and never doing them… then that’s something different…. Still exercise will help with that too.)

So if you’re thinking to yourself “WTF?” or “Holy crap!?” here’s what you do. It’s what I did when I had that exact same moment. I knew I needed to do it – exercise more regularly— but I had NO IDEA how or where I was going to fit that in to an already full life. So I did what I always do when I don’t know what to do—I asked my Peeps for help. You know those benevolent and unseen beings that are helping to guide your life? Well I call them my Peeps. I asked them.

color2 by Arlo BatesIt went something like this… Totally overwhelmed Aimée standing in my kitchen feeling frustrated and defeated with a WTF sort of fist shaking attitude pumping through my veins… Then silently, “Peeps (in the service of my highest good) please help me. I know I need to exercise more but I have no idea how that could possibly fit into my life right now—please show me the way.”

Within a week I had my bag packed and was “spontaneously” ready to head to the gym for a quick hour when my husband got home from work. And on the nights when it wasn’t my turn to put the kids to bed I hit the gym while my husband was starting to tuck them in. It happened like most things happen when you ask your Peeps— organically and with very little effort. I just had the idea then I did it. It wasn’t until a few days later I realized that this was the solution that I had been asking for. And of course said my silent, “AMEN! THANK YOU!!!!!”

When you ask the unseen goodness, when you get your answer it feels like an idea just hits you and you just start going with it. No mess. No fuss. No mad fist pumping. Just solution.

color by Arlo BatesSo here’s the deal. Exercise helps A LOT! With stress, with mood, with stuckness, with overwhelm, with feeling good in your bones. You basically can’t go wrong. If you don’t know how to fit it in—ask your Peeps (or whoever is your highest and best source) for help.

Then shoot me a line and tell me how you rocked it—or how your answer came.

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