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2019 is good already!

Happy New Year!

Don’t you feel like this is going to be a good one?  You guys I slept in until 10AM today.  I am 44 years old and I have two children ages 7 and 5—sleeping until 10AM is something I literally can’t even recall doing for years.  Already I feel like, if nothing else happens this year I’ve got a major accomplishment checked off just 10 hours in!  

Joking (sort of 🙂 !) aside, what is your New Year process like?  Do you celebrate? Reflect?  Envision?

A few years back Erin Stutland (whom I love btw and if getting in shape is on your list of things you are motivated to do right now check her out!) introduced me to the idea of a word for the year. 

Last year, (Bye 2018!) at Solstice I led a group of women to connect with their own Highest Self and to uncover what each of their own Highest Wisdom wanted them to know about the year ahead.  (If you’d like to do the same you can download my free audio to do so here.)

When I was leading it and connecting to my own Highest Wisdom that day the word that came up surprised me.  It was LOVE. “Love” is my message for 2019. Upon further pondering I’ve noticed that although simple it’s the kind of word that could affect profound transformation.  It’s already made me think things like, “How can I infuse more love into everything that I do? What would that look like on every level of my life—from my interactions with my children, husband, friends, strangers to my professional output?  How can I make that my main goal —how can I love this world and it’s people more?These thoughts feel inspiring to me.

PC: Swapnil Deshpandey

Today I’m making my list of goals for the New Year– just sort of breaking it down professionally speaking.  What do I intend to have under my belt by this time next year?  But I am also aware that with love as my guide 2019 feels like it is going to be a whole lot more about flow.  About saying yes to what arises, about being in the moment, about less focus on managing the future (something that motherhood activated in me in full force 7 ½ years ago), about a return to my more natural – “What does this moment feel like it calls for right now?”way of being. 

I’m going to use LOVE as my guide and do my best to allow it to relax me into each moment.  Asking myself, “How can I love more in this moment?”  I have a hunch it might be a great deal more forgiving, spontaneous, and accepting of all that is.  

Paper “Fortune Teller” made by Beth 🙂

If you’ve got a word I’d love to hear it—or a hunch about what this year will be like for you—leave it in my blog comments below.  Or if you’ve got a process that you do around this time of year to ready for the next or let go of the old please share it with us.  

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!



P.S. This was one of the things that started my 2019.  It’s a post from Glennon Doyle that made me cry the happy tears and feel so much love! Do you know her?  She’s such a rock star.  She’s the author of many books and the woman who created Together Rising. This was her happy and inspiring post to start the year! . . . It made me think, “I want to lip sinc with the audience to good songs on my next speaking gig!” #goals (Putting it on my list as a new way to spread more love! 😉 SOOOOO good!

P.P.S. This was another way my year started—my kids bringing in “fortune tellers” that were made by some friends yesterday.  Mine said, “Be as a tree and sway in the wind.” #ivegotthis  …. Also, my husband made French toast. 🙂

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