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Stop acting like Eeyore— you are not a donkey, you are a human being capable of miracles.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: If you don’t tell other people what you want, it’s really hard to get it.

You know what I’m talking about?

Eeyore rain cloudPerhaps at some point or another in your life you have come across the type of person who likes to complain. They have their regular “woe-is-me/ life-is-hard stance.” But when you ask them pointed questions like, “Well have you told her this is how you feel?” Or, “Well, have you told so and so that you want this?”

They just shrug and say, “Well, no.”

And my response to that is: Shrug, well then it’s unlikely to happen.

Ask yourself, is it more important to complain about it and give your woe-is-me story, or would you rather get what you want?

You should know that moping costs you. Even if being direct is hard for you, the amount of energy that you extend in your Eeyore,  Eeyore sitting“Everything sucks.” (whiney, mopey voice) is A LOT! It’s a greater cost of energy than addressing the issue (no matter what your mind tells you).

If you need to complain—I get it. Sometimes you truly just need an acknowledgement that something in your life is tough. (Here’s something I wrote about it related to motherhood.) Sometimes airing this IS just the balm you need. And sometimes you are in a pattern—one that is costing you great amounts of energy AND depriving you of getting what you want.

Ask yourself these questions: What am I complaining about? What can I do about it? If there is another person involved, have I mentioned this or addressed it with them?

If not, then get on it.

Unless you don’t want what you want.

Because truly, when it comes right down to it—I honestly believe you would rather get what you’re after, than stand around pretending you are a donkey friend of Winnie-the Pooh. You’re not. You’re a fabulous

pic by Sethoscope
pic by Sethoscope

human being capable of all kinds of miracles you’ve never even thought of. Now get out there and go get ‘em.



Aimée is a psychic councilor known for her easy going spirit, her no nonsense approach, and her ability to see truth through fiction.  You can find out more about her work or schedule a reading at www.spreadingblessings.com

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